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Concentrate folks – October 26 is least productive day at work of the year

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Do you feel that you are not putting enough effort in today at work?

Well it’s no wonder as a study has revealed today and this week are the worst days for productivity in the office.

It has been found workers will be at their lowest ebb this week possibly due to the winter nights closing in and the winter season soon upon us.

The study was carried out by Canary Island tourism board Promotur, which surveyed 2,000 employees.

A staggering 52 per cent of workers who completed the survey revealed they struggled to cope with their work-load due to the dark winter nights.

Further to this, 8 per cent admitted they phoned in sick because were too depressed to come to work amid the shorter darker days.

Dr Christian Jessen from Channel 4′s show ‘Embarrassing Ilnesses’ told the Daily Telegraph: “The winter blues are no joke.

“They can affect your work performance by making you unable to concentrate and carry out your normal routine, your relationship by affecting your libido and your social life by making you feel irritable and anti-social.

“Feeling low as the nights draw in and the days gets shorter is something many people experience, but some will struggle with lack of motivation, tiredness and depression.”

People struggling during the winter may suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder and Jessen recommended people, who feel this might be them, to get more light whenever possible in the coming months.

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