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Halloween has been “banned” in Britain’s most haunted village due to vandalism and traffic chaos.

Residents of Pluckley in Kent are said to be fed up with their peaceful hamlet being invaded by hundreds of ghost-hunting revellers each year, causing havoc and upsetting the resident spectres.

The village is reputedly haunted by 12 ghosts, including a highwayman, a phantom monk, the hanging body of a schoolmaster and a poltergeist in the local pub.

In previous years the parish council’s Halloween committee has tried to turn the anticipated disturbance into a night of family fun.

But despite raising thousands of pounds for charity, the raucous behaviour of some of the revellers has alarmed locals.

Now the police have been called in to enforce the Halloween ban and keep visitors under control, in what looks set to be Pluckley’s quietest Halloween in years.

A notice on the parish council website warned: “There will be no entertainment provided for visitors.

“There will be no barbecue, no hog roast, no beer tent, no fun fair and there will be no ghost tours. In fact, unless you are coming for a quiet drink, may we suggest you visit one of the many other attractions in Kent for Halloween.”

Parish council clerk Jackie Grebby said previous organised events had caused problems.

“When we’ve tried to lay on something before it has backfired. The whole village has been gridlocked,” she said.

“There is in fact very little to do in Pluckley apart from have a quiet drink. People are very welcome if they just want to come for a quiet drink.”

Residents have been advised to keep their gates locked and any outside lights turned on until the early hours to deter troublemakers.

But revellers should remember that “poltergeist activity” is common-place in British pubs after a certain point in the evening, so there are bound to be alternatives to Pluckley.

Hat tip to The Telegraph


  1. Thats weird that the most haunted city has banned halloween. I love halloween!

  2. I totally agree with you! Hard to imagine a little country village with a mad police presence on Halloween…

  3. yeah i agree, i would have thought halloween would have been banned at pluckley!!?? I mean the most ‘HAUNTED’ village in ‘KENT’ not celebrating the scariest date of the year, not being mean but that’s let me down as i was gonna go ghost hunting on halloween(today) and sort of get a few sweets…

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