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Charity hitchers leave Manchester and end up at Sharja in the United Arab Emirates within 30 hours.

As the Halloween weekend started many of us were setting up for a party or two. But not Simon Painter and David Wood had a far better idea. They wanted to raise money for the KidsCAN charity.

So they donned bright orange jumpsuits, and emptied their pockets of everything they could find except for a passport, flip flops, a change of underwear and an emergency phone and credit card.

No extra supplies of food, no pre-bought tickets, no car keys for handy lay-by stored cars… and they decided to see just how far they could go in 30 hours without spending any money.

The good news is they’re back in Manchester now, but how far did their adventure take them?

How about three continents, over the equator, and more stamps on their passports than you’ll get down the local sorting office during a strike?

Their goal was Zimbabwe, but on making that comfortably (via Lagos, Angola and Uganda), they decided to add their third continent and jumped a freight aircraft over to the United Arab Emirates, finishing the charity ‘jailbreak’ in Sharja.

There’s still time to sponsor them (ahem) via Just Giving, and all the money will go straight to KidsCAN.

Congrats to Simon and Dave from everyone in the Dust office!

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