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British boxer David Haye says he is confident of knocking out big man Nikolay Valuev in Saturday night’s big fight at Nuremburg, Germany.

The Londoner revealed his aim to make history in the eagerly awaited WBA World Heavyweight Championship contest – expected to be watched by millions of people all over the world.

Haye will face the biggest challenge of his career when he enters the ring on Saturday night, trying to beat the Russian world heavyweight champion who is an astonishing 7 feet tall and weighs 23 stone.

In comparison, the Englishman is 6 foot 3 inches and weighs in at over 15 stone – seven stone less than his Russian counterpart. Valuev it seems has the tools to win so Haye will have to produce something special.

So does Haye have the power and ability to knock him out? If so, it could go down as one of the most famous victories in the sport’s history.

An excited Haye said: “Valuev has never been properly hurt before, let alone knocked done or out, and I’m now being given a chance to become the first fighter to bring ‘The Beast’ (Valuev) to his knees. This is my chance to make history.

“I’ve dreamed of the moment Valuev falls to the canvas and I truly believe it will be one of the most jaw-dropping knockouts of all-time. Winning any fight by knockout is a bonus, but being in a position to knock out a giant is an exciting proposition.

“I love punching things and a man of Valuev’s size gives me plenty of target to hit. The combination of my hand speed and his immense head is going to cause an explosion.”

Haye said he has been overwhelmed with all of the support he has had ahead of the fight.

“People are talking about this fight everywhere I go. I’m being stopped in the streets and everybody – whether a boxing fan or not – seems to have an opinion on what I need to do against this giant.”

Valuev yesterday responded by claiming the Londoner’s big mouth will cost him dear.

The Russian said: “Haye can talk all he likes. He has a couple of more days to speak but then it will be time to climb into the ring and we’ll see what he does.

“He has been saying a lot about what he can do to me, that he can become the first boxer to knock me out.

“But I don’t think he will be able to follow it up when the fight starts and I certainly don’t think he should start making predictions about what he intends to do to me. I will show him what I can do.”

An exciting fight is certainly in store. The fight will be shown exclusively for Sky viewers on pay-per-view channel Sky Box Office. Interested viewers should call 08442 410 888 for more information.

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