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More than 100 people became lottery millionaires in 2009, a happy irony amid an economically disastrous year for Britain.

Organiser Camelot said this year had seen the game’s biggest ever prizes handed out to winners since it was lauched in 1994.

In November alone, a married couple from near Newport, South Wales, and a group of seven IT workers from Liverpool each scooped a £45.5m of the Euromillions jackpot.

They took the number of millionaires created over the past 12 months to 132, meaning that a grand total of 2,350 people have added their names to the lottery rich list since the game began.

And there is more good news for hopefuls as Camelot – which claims an impressive four million winners each week across its spectrum of National Lottery games – announced the first ever Christmas Day draw.

A spokesman for the company said: “The unique Christmas Day draw adds even more excitement and guarantees a million-pound present will be delivered down someone’s chimney.”

Tip of the hat to the Yorkshire Post. Image via Wikimedia

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