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Avatar Raw

James Cameron’s latest blockbuster has made over $1bn in under three weeks.

It was 15 years in development and took four years to make, but the wait for Sci-fi thriller, Avatar, appears to have been worth it.

James Cameron’s latest film has become the fastest grossing movie to¬†earn over $1bn at the box office, managing it in just 17 days.

The film is set in 2154 on the fictional planet of Pandora, and follows an ex-marine as he comes face to face with the hostilities between humans and the Na’vi, a race of indigenous humanoids.

Director Cameron, whose previous films include the major hits Titanic and Aliens, appears to have worked his magic again, with Avatar already the fourth highest grossing film ever.

Speaking of the success of the movie, Distribution executive Bert Livingston said: “It’s like a freight train – it just keeps on going. Everybody has to see Avatar once.”

It seems the film critics agree too, with Avatar gaining a rating of 82% on movie review site Rotten Tomatoes and 84% on Metacritic.

Have you seen the film? Let us know what you thought of it in the comments section below.

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  1. Not a surprise there. The film is good!
    There’s a cool fansite too Naviblue.com


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