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If you have a problem, if no-one else can help you, shake your fist at John Barrowman.

Quietly building up since David Tennant’s appearance on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Britain has taken to a new hobby.

Barrowman… Grrrr” involves taking your first and shaking it in rage at the start of Torchwood, John Barrowman, and blaming him for anything that’s wrong with your life.

Your wife left you? “Barrowman… Grrrr

Left the butter out of the fridge in Paris? “Barrowman!… Grrrr

Forced to watch the new Twilight movie? “Barrowman!… Grrrr

With discussions, forums and self help groups springing up over the internet, and over 26,000 people joining in on Facebook, we’ve a lot to blame the Scottish star for… and I mean both of them!


Join fellow worshippers at the Facebook Group.

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  1. Simon Amstell did this on Buzzcocks long before David Tennant did! He just repeatedly copied what Amstell had done!

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