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A Football Association spokesman has confirmed that this year, for the first time since 1966, there will be no official World Cup song. So there’ll be no rapping John Barnes in 2010.

The spokesman continued that England’s management, “want to be fully focused on the football”.¬†Unofficial anthems are already appearing, including rumours of a reworking of New Order’s 1980 track World In Motion.

The last World Cup in 2002 saw “We’re On The Ball”, a single recorded by Ant and Dec, reach number three in the charts.


  1. What no World Cup song ?? wtf are they thinking about ??? *sigh*

  2. Me & my dad have written & are practicing to hopefully perform anywhere at the right time a world cup song & everyone weave asked & shown believes it really rocks & somehow should be published to the open to see what response we can get, finding out that there isn’t going to be a world cup song, (says the FA) makes me more enthusiastic to get it produced that extra bit more & forced out there with the fans behind us, we need a number of people that will enforce this to happen, Ive got some hell of a feeling that this could be done & i believe England could certainly get the semi-finals & if that were to happen we could certainly get to the final. It would not be the same without one, its about time it rocked & got all the fans let alone myself behind our song & show football needs music, throughout every club in any league they have songs created by the crowds, this is part of football, im sure ive said enough, if anyone has any views on this then email me by olly_ccfc_1987@hotmail.com or THE_ULTIMATE_FAFFAS@hotmail.com, thanks.


    For the first time in 40 years, the English fans will not have a united voice UNLESS we make a change. If enough supporters join this group, our voice will be heard and we can make a difference.

    BADDIEL AND SKINNER… This is a call to re-record and/or re-release your classic song… WE STILL BELIEVE!


  4. I still can’t believe there will be no song!

    Discuss further here:

  5. There are still songs being released to support England in the World Cup! Check out `Green Fields of England` by George and the Dragons at http://www.green-fields-of-england.com or on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_9WJ6WKeS4

    Come on England!

  6. Theres a new song out, next best after Three Lions
    bring that cup to me by fredSTACKS
    the next Football world Cup 2010 England Song

  7. Heard this one on Youtube and think its great!!

    Oh Mr Fabio Cappello by the 20Teners!!


  8. Can’t believe how many awful world cup songs there are this time round. My favourites are Three Lions, World in Motion – a classic, and a new one, The Beautiful Game http://worldcupsong.org

  9. please check out stevie cash new single now its for england on you tube !
    a track to support your club and country and dance to< video features all real fans every word has a meaning to life long fans !


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