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Comedian Frank Skinner has hinted he may write a new England football song with David Baddiel and The Lighning Seeds.

The news comes two weeks after the English Football Association confirmed there will be no official World Cup song for England’s campaign in South Africa later this summer.

In 1996, the trio released ‘Three Lions’, a song which proved very popular with football fans all over the country most notably during England’s Euro 96 campaign. It went straight to the top of the UK Singles Chart. 

It was also believed that other nations, such as Germany, liked the song and the German fans were believed to be singing it after their semi-final penalty shoot out win against England at Wembley 14 years ago.

A newer version of the song was released in 1998 ahead of England’s World Cup campaign in France that summer.  

Skinner, who was speaking at last night’s Loaded Lafta comedy awards, told BBC Radio Five Live: “I think I might have a go at writing a new one with the other guys. Stick with the old team.”

The comedian also revealed that him, Baddiel and The Lightning Seeds could not stop ‘Three Lions’  from being re-released in the future.

Skinner added: “We couldn’t get any more blood out of that stone. But we haven’t got complete control, the record company (Epic) could re-release it if they’d like to.”

In a recent Top 10 list, The Daily Dust voted ‘Three Lions’ as the best ever UK World Cup song.

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