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How frustrating is it when you open a drinks can and then accidentally leave it for around half an hour, only for the drink to go flat when you return to it?

Well them days could soon be over, as a new resealable can is about to arrive in the UK.

This latest technology will allow you to reseal the can after it has first been opened and keep it fizzy up to 24 hours. Great news! The product is said to have been hugely popular in America. 

Drinkers simply twist the plastic tab (pictured above) 180 degrees to break the seal and then turn it back to close it. The new device could signal the end to the traditional ‘ring-pull’ cans.

Drinks in these new 485ml cans will go on sale starting from April and will be available to buy at supermarkets, petrol stations and other shops at a price of just £1.19.

American sportswear brand ‘No Fear’ will use the can design for their new energy drink to be released in April. 

Spokesman Neal Haworth told the Sunday Mirror: “The resealable technology allows people to drink the amount they want, when they want it.

“You don’t have to finish the can in one go as it can be resealed to stay fizzy. It’s such a logical step for canned energy drinks.”

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