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A UFO, given the description of a flying saucer, has been spotted in Lancashire.

Remarkably, it is the 44th occassion that a UFO has been found in the Bacup and Rossendale area since 1977 – the highest number of sightings recorded in the country.

The area is now probably better known to its residents as ‘UFO Valley’.

Aron Sacks yesterday took a photo of a weird looking flying saucer object looking down on a very gloomy day for the village.

He told The Sun newspaper how it hovered around the skies for around a minute and then silently zoomed off out of sight soon afterwards.

Aron said: “It was amazing – certainly not a normal aircraft. I grabbed my phone, took one photo – then when I looked back it had gone.

“There was no sound, nothing. It’s very haunting to think I’ve seen a UFO.”

Ironically, Aron’s dad Mike had previously spotted THREE strange objects up in the sky near their home in the village of Stackstead. 

Mike said: “The first in 1978 looked like the one Aron saw. It was oval, about 600ft up and doing 80mph. I thought ‘Blimey, what the blooming heck is that?’

“Four others also spotted it and cops investigated. This is UFO Valley. Aliens might be looking for water or materials in the stone quarries.”      

To see Aron’s latest image click here


  1. Ok, UFO has been spoted…where the hell are the pictures? And if there was let me guess it would be a blurry one……Geting tired of this, show real hard evidence before posting such articles

  2. Hi Jason. There is a link at the bottom of the article which directs you to the image concerned. And I would say the image is more clear than you would believe it to be. For legal reasons I can’t publish it on our own page, so the next best thing to do was to provide a link for it. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Jason, I agree with you that loads of UFO photos are blurry and can be contested, but this one looks pretty clear. Also don’t forget that UFO means “unidentified”, not necessarily extra terrestrial. Lancashire is a rural northern county (pretty bleak in places) and is also the location of BAE Warton, and British Aerospace is leading the way in testing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). It’s rather coincidental that so many UFO sightings happen over Lancashire – so definitely news worthy and probab’y more in it than you’re giving credit for!

  4. I believe it… The question remains… What the heck is it?


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