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We are no stranger these days to health gurus waving cucumbers in our faces as they espouse the virtues of a veggie-fueled diet.

But it is not everyday that the world’s fattest man decides to share his diet tips – after shedding a staggering 20 stones agead of a gastric bypass.

Paul Mason, 48, is set to reveal his weight-loss secrets in an autobiography.

The former postman currently weighs in at 49 stones afting slimming down in order to be eligible for surgery.  He has now had the band fitted but is still believed to be the heaviest man alive today.

During his three week stay at Chichester Hospital, West Sussex, Mr Mason is understood to have told staff about his book plans.

He reportedly wants to tell people the story behind his dramatic weight-loss, in an autobiography called ‘The Journey’.

A source told The Sun: “He has been telling people in hospital how he has been writing this book and it will reveal how he has managed to lose so much weight. He has been in good spirits.”

Prior to treatment, Mr Mason admitted eating 20,000 calories a day – eight times the recommended intake for an average man.

His care bill is estimated to have cost taxpayers £100,000 a year and is thought to have topped £1 million over the last 15 years.

Getting Mr Mason to hospital for a hernia operation in 2002 required an ambulance, the fire brigade, a fork lift truck and the demolition of the front wall of his former home in Ipswich.

Mr Mason took the title of world’s heaviest man after 43-year-old Manuel Uribe from Mexico more than halved his weight to get married last year.

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