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ski-lift Raw

A stranded snowboarder sets fire to his money in an attempt to keep warm.

Dominik Podolsky, 22, from Munich, Germany, had been snowboarding in the Austrian Alps when he got stuck on a ski lift that had closed for the day.

After failing to attract attention, Mr Podolsky had to endure 6 hours on the lift in -18 degree temperatures.

Mr Podolsky said: “I thought about jumping down, but then I’d have probably broken both legs and would have frozen to death.”

Having forgotten his mobile phone, Mr Podolsky had no choice but to keep warm by any means he could.

After setting fire to restaurant bills, hankerchiefs and business cards, Mr Podolski was forced to burn 120 euros in cash.

It may have been one expensive fire but it was all worth it when a ski-run cleaning crew spotted him on the 10m high lift.

After receiving treatment for hypothermia, he was released from hospital the same night.

Having survived his ordeal, Mr Podolsky is now threatening to sue the company that operates the lift.

The lift company have responded by saying the lift was not meant for downward trips and Mr Podolsky had ignored signs warning him against using it.

It’s certainly a chilling tale for anyone else thinking of catching a cheap ride down the mountain anytime soon.

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