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Is that a Winchester I see before me?

Eagle eyed readers of the Daily Mail will not have been distracted by the constantly rotating designer bikini’s worn by Colleen Rooney, but what she’s got in her right hand.

A filofax.

Long thought dead by the mainstream press, the organiser that made the 80’s (but is well past being 80 years old) never really went away – did that stop the mainstream press doing the happy dance over the sales figures last week that showed sales far in excess of the yuppie hey-day, and with an increasingly female user base.

What’s the betting that the switched on PR of Filofax box up their Beauty Gift Set and send one to Colleen with a wee note to pass the Spa Treatment over to Wayne before the next England game?

PS and the Winchester reference? Well it was the 80′s filofax with the huge rings that allowed you to carry a huge amount of paper compared to a regular Filofax. Given the strain that Colleen’s is under, we wouldn’t be surprised if she’s got an 80s original).

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