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The latest weapon in the fight against terrorism is the schnozz!

New computer software Photoface is being used to identify criminal, terrorists, and illegal immigrants by the unique shape of their noses.

Four photographs are taken from different angles and Photoface analyses the profile, the tip and the the basic shape – Roman, Greek, Nubian, Hawk, Snub and Retrousse.

Dr Adrian Evans, of the University of Bath, was involved in the development of the technology: “”There’s no one magic biometric – irises are a powerful biometric, but can be difficult to capture accurately and can easily be obscured by eyelids or glasses,

”Noses, however, are much easier to photograph and are harder to conceal, so a system that recognises noses would work better with an uncooperative subject or for covert surveillance.”

No doubt the new gizmo will help pick out terrorists, but ‘snot clear what would happen if it conks out.

Image here

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