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Two bottled ‘ghosts’ were sold for over £1300 in New Zealand.

The pair of spooks, said to have been trapped in glass vials during an exorcism in Christchurch, went under the hammer for £1305 in an online auction.

The vessels were stopped and dipped in holy water to ‘dull the spirit’s energy’.

Avie Woodbury, who put the bottles up for auction, said the spirits of an old man who lived at her house in the 1920s and a disruptive little girl were raised during a session with a Ouija board.

She claimed that there had been no paranormal activity at her house following an exorcism performed last July.

Woodbury said that the proceeds of the sale would go to an animal welfare group, minus a deduction for ‘exorcist’s fees’.

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  1. I have heard of bottling ghosts but not selling them! I heard that they do this in Louisiana and then they hang the bottles on the trees. My gggram was from there. If not spirits then it was witches. However, I don’t think that I would ever want to have been the one that sold a bottled ghost and then have someone let it out of the bottle. Do you think that this may be one pissed off spirit? Not for me they couldn’t pay me to buy that.


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