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The epic tale of a Scottish woman stranded for a month by inclement weather after popping out to buy a Christmas turkey could soon be immortalised by Hollywood.

Los Angeles-based Furst Films has reportedly bought the rights to the story of Kay Ure from Cape Wrath, in the far north west of Scotland, according to the BBC.

Mrs Ure’s journey began on December 19 last year, when she set out for Inverness to pick up ingredients for Christmas dinner.

But what should have been a routine – if rather lengthy – shopping excursion became an epic saga in which Mrs Ure was unable to return home for 30 days due to severe winter weather.

After leaving home in a lighthouse keeper’s cottage, husband John drove Mrs Ure to a jetty where their boat was moored, which they used to cross the Kyle of Durness sea loch.

She then made the 100-mile bus journey to Inverness to pick up Christmas dinner, before turning for home.

But with only 11-miles of the return leg to go, Mrs Ure found the road ahead completely impassable thanks to heavy snow, meaning she had to spend Christmas in a friend’s caravan.

John, meanwhile, was fortunately not alone and celebrated Christmas with the couple’s six dogs and two walkers who happened to be passing by.

Furst Films are reportedly set to pay the couple £40,000 for screenplay and consultation rights.  The movie company’s previous films include The Matador, The Cooler and The Girl In The Park.

Mr Ure said he wanted to be played by “someone with a bit of character”, citing Scottish actor Robert Carlyle as his first choice.

“It’s not just about the turkey, it’s about our life story and how we came to be here,” he explained. “People find it intriguing that we’re living this kind of lifestyle up here but we’re used to it and it’s a pleasant way to live.”

He said he hoped the film would help bring some business to their small lighthouse cafe, one of the most remote in Britain.


The couple’s cafe at Cape Wrath is located at the northernmost extremeties of the British Isles – a fantastic spot for walkers.

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Hat tip to Ananova.  Top image via Flickr

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