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The death of Chinese-born He Pingping last weekend has sparked a race to find the world’s new shortest man.

With a world record hanging in the balance, it looks as though the title could go to 1.83ft-tall Khagendra Thapa Magar from Nepal.

The collaborative compendium Wikipedia also claims a man from Manila called Ronjay Eduvas is the same height as Khagendra, although the claims have yet to be verified.

Until an adequate challenge is made, Khagendra, dubbed ‘little Budhha’, looks set to take the title.

He measures an impressive seven inches shorter than He Pingping and currently holds the title for the world’s shortest boy.

Khagendra’s family first filed a claim when he was 14, which was rejected because he was not an adult and future growth could not be ruled out.

But last year the 17-year-old left his native Nepal bound for Europe, where he has been campaigning for the record.

The Guinness Book of World Records is expected to crown him the world’s smallest man when he turns 18 this October.

Khagendra’s mother, Dhana Maya Thapa Magar, said he was very tiny when he was born.

“It was not possible to bathe him or clean him up because of his size. We had to hold him on our palm.”

Meanwhile,  Khagendra – ever the showman – added: “My small size has earned me a big name.”

Good luck in October, Khagendra!  Britain, at the other end of the spectrum, lays claim to the world’s heaviest man.

Hat tip to Metro.

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