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Will this Lego scene be repeated on Friday morning?


The good news is there is lots of advice out there for Labour if they loose the election – although I doubt they’ll take the advice of one Mayor of London, Boris Johnson to heart. Or maybe one man will:

It is wholly fitting, after the disastrous stewardship of Gordon Brown, that the man best placed to rescue the New Labour project from Cleggmania and reassure the middle classes is the ermine-sporting, eyebrow-arching aristocrat of the party, the grandson of Herbert Morrison, the Deputy Prime Minister, Lord President of the Council, President of the Board of Trade and Lord High Everything Else, Lord Mandelson of Foy and Hartlepool.


With all the talk about who pairs up with who when the music stops in a Hung parliament, Fraser Nelson has a better idea for David Cameron – go for a minority Government like the SNP in Scotland.

Letters from a Tory says pretty much the same thing, but also suggests asking the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to come in and have a look at the books – thus making sue everyone realises the mess Labour may have left the country in

Liberal Democrat

Dizzy nominates this picture as the caption competition of the week. Personally I think there’s something to be said for Clegg and Brown to be the new Morecambe and Wise, although Vince Cable may think he’s the wise one!


The “TV Debate Changed Everything” party

Gaby Hinsliff warns about placing too much emphasis on the TV debates and the myth that it killed Cameron and promoted Clegg. Far from it, they created a little bump, but the end result was the same.

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