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Checks to be made in preparation for the Olympics

At the time, pretty much every air enthusiast said that at least one of the remaining fleet of Concordes should have been kept in an air-worthy condition as a heritage/airshow model rather than ship every one of them of to a museum.

But now, the French Olympus 593 and the British Save Concorde Group are going to check the engines on one model (Sierra Delta) "at Le Bourget in Paris to see if they can start the engines safely to taxi the supersonic aircraft under its own power – with a vie to getting it in the air.

“…Tthe findings of today will hopefully go an awfully long way to proving our point. This is just the beginning but we are delighted and privileged to be working with a team of skilled Concorde engineers who both worked on the aircraft at British Airways and Air France” said Vice Chairman of Save Concorde, Ben Lord.

And if it flies in time, there’s a good chance to see it lead the Olympic Opening Ceremony in London 2012.

More at Save Concorde.

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