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Charlton Athletic Academy have banned players from wearing coloured boots until they reach the first team squad.

Addicks development manager Damien Matthew believes that the move will enforce discipline.

Players will be able to wear coloured boots when they reach the first team squad as a “reward.”

“People might say they’ve gone old fashioned but it’s going back to that discipline,” Matthew told BBC Radio Kent.

“If you make it as a professional that’s the reward you get but until then we have that little bit of control over you.

“Manchester United only allow their young players to wear black and white boots. You never want to prevent any player showing that they are creative, but it is that discipline that I alluded to.

“But we don’t have too many problems with them at Charlton.

He added: “The message from [academy manager] Steve Gritt is to go back to basics. There is also a safety issue.

“These boots are so light and you only need one kick and as we have seen these metatarsal injuries have become very fashionable, and these black and white, and padded boots give so much more protection.”

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