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As we head into June and temperatures reach mid-twenties in much of the UK,  Cairngorm Mountain Ski Resort is still open for business.

The extreme winter and snowfall of January and February has meant that the resort, which also features a railway, is still welcoming visitors and skiers alike.

“There is still a good cover on the upper part and our highest run, Ptarmigan Bowl, is still open at weekends,” Managing Director Colin Kirkwood told The Daily Dust.

“We also have a terrain park with big piles of snow and jumps and a sledge park which are also open,” he added.

Cairngorn saw a flux of skiers over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend and expect to open for another two, maybe three weekends.

“We had around 200-300 skiers over the Bank Holiday weekend, which was a nice surprise and we expect to open this weekend, next weekend and maybe the one after that,” Kirkwood added.

The snow of 2010 will long be remembered by both staff and visitors to the resort and there is even a photo exhibition showing the extreme amounts of snow which fell this year.

“We look like having to cancel a staff competition we have each year where we predict which month the snow will melt,” he joked.

Cairngorm Mountain has seen its number of visitors more than triple in the last three years and has had 144,000 already this season and while ever the snow is there that number will continue to increase.

Ptarmigan Bowl

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