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Corden and Rascal version

Dizzee Rascal and James Corden are likely to smash the top of the charts with their ‘unofficial’ World Cup song titled Shout.

The celebrity pair performed their upcoming release for the first time live on Saturday night’s Britain’s Got Talent Final on ITV 1.

It is a rework from the massive 1980s hit recorded by pop/rock group Tears For Fears and is managed by television star/producer/judge Simon Cowell. 

Due to popular demand, the track’s release date has been brought forward and will be available to download from Wednesday June 9.

All royalties from the single will go to children’s charity Great Ormond Street.

Us here at The Daily Dust give it the thumbs up – but what do you guys think? Please send us your views. Check their live performance out below!

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  1. My God! What a racket! This just shows that England really is up the back side of America! This is a true disgrace and embarrassment to England! There is nothing English about it… But then being showcased on Britain’s Got No Talent says it all!

  2. Yuk! I guess the Rage campaign did nothing for the music industry. A free gig from Rage didn’t even cleanse my soul properly after hearing this rubbish!

  3. The only good thing about this track, is that the proceeds for sales to charity, not catchy at all, even worse than the john barnes one, atleast that was catchy, crap really.

  4. Awww I think it’s great these guys have taken time out of their busy lives and done an “unofficial” England song, especially seeing as we as a country didn’t bother to do one! Well done to them and I hope they raise thousands if not millions for Great Ormond Street!
    People are spending hundreds on T-shirts, Flags etc and that money isn’t going to charity so a massive WELL DONE GUYS!!

  5. James Corden and Dizzy Rascal mugged an 8 year old for his idea, http://www.ikidofficial.com this song has been around on youtube etc for ages

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