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Bin Raw

Two German villages have come up with a unique way to settle an old score.

The villages of Glees and Wassenach, in western Germany, have had a long-running feud over just which village is the best.

The villages have tried to settle the argument in the past by holding a number of contests, including ploughing the straightest line and making the biggest sausage.

It seems the latest contest will up the stakes even further though, by getting contestants to race head-first down a hill on wheelie bins.

The competitive streak between the two villages is so high that officials have already discovered contestants making a number of moderations to their bins in order to gain an advantage.

A race official said: “They (the bins) are supposed to be exactly as the council provided them, but we have found one or two trying to improve their chances with unapproved adaptations like skateboard wheels.” 

The wheelie bin race has attracted so much interest that the results will even be screened live across the country on a cable and satellite channel.

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