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Surely the news every British football fan wanted to hear as a number of English clubs have banned fans from bringing vuvuzelas to their grounds. The trumpets were an ever present, and very noisy, feature at this summer’s World Cup in South Africa.

While the South Africans may love to watch football to the sounds of a traffic jam, it appears the English crowds are not so keen. So far Tottenham, Arsenal, Birmingham, Everton, Fulham and West Ham have all banned vuvuzelas from their Premiership grounds.

A number of Football League clubs have also followed suit by banning the trumpets, that make the noise of a swarm of bees crossed with a car horn when blown.

It seems that the majority of British football fans favour chants from the crowd over the noise created by the vuvuzelas. An Everton statement read: “In the wake of the World Cup in South Africa we have received many emails from our supporters asking that we ban vuvuzelas on the grounds that they are simply irritating – but none urging us to permit their use at first-team fixtures.”

A West Ham Statement read: “The club wish at all times to ensure that all supporters are allowed to enjoy the game they are watching and prides itself on the passionate, loud and robust support from our fans at all matches at Upton Park.”

Where do you stand on the vuvuzelas debate – are they noisy and irritating or do they add to the atmosphere? Let us know in the comments section below.

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