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Is David Beckham set to follow in the footsteps of Vinnie Jones? If Tom Cruise has his way, then Goldenballs might be ready to chase after the leading man from the Crazy Gang.

David Beckham has tried his hand at a number of different job roles – male model, fashion designer, aftershave producer… oh yeah, and he also plays football every now and again. It seems Mr Beckham may soon be adding another string to his bow though, at least if Hollywood pal Tom Cruise has got anything to do with it.

Speaking on a possible career change for Golden Balls, Cruise said: “I’ve been encouraging him to become an actor. He’s got the looks, he’s got everything. He’d be terrific.”  Beckham may have captivated a football crowd or two in his time but would he be able to hold his own on the silver screen?

Cruise was speaking in London last night during the premiere of his new film Knight and Day, which also stars Cameron Diaz. Cruise and Diaz also took time out of their hectic schedules to film a racing segment for the BBC’s Top Gear show.

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  1. I think Tom Cruise is the best! He’s my idol , i worship him. i wish upon many stars to meet him someday. that would be A DREAM COME TRUE! Oh my God! i love you thomas cruise

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