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You won’t find West Ashfield on the tube map, but it’s a vital part of the London Underground.

Neither would you let new starts loose on the public, so that’s why West Ashfield tube station is vital for training – but just to make it more interesting, it’s actually on the third floor of an office block in West Kensington.

Ian Mansfield has detailed his trip on his Ian Visits blog, and he talks about the weird feeling of the platform:

The tube station is probably the highlight for any visitor and in addition to looking like a tube station, it also behaves a bit like one. When a train is due to arrive, although no physical train appears, the platform rumbles, speakers drown out conversations and there is even a fan in the corner blowing to simulate the wind blast that heralds the arrival of the train.

And at the end of the tip, Mansfield got a chance to watch the rest of trip attempt to run the line in the Tube Train Simulator.

The trip also covered the huge toy train sets used to teach signalling, the problems of getting stuck in tunnels, and the sort of details that you would never admit to wanting to know about, but somehow find interesting.

More at Ian Visits and London Reconnections, picture from London Reconnections.

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