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Stewart Lee and Frank Chicken nominated for Malcolm Hardee award at the Edinburgh Fringe

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Remember the unintended merry mischief of Stewart Lee in upsetting Fosters’ quest to find a comedy god at the Edinburgh Fringe? Where he named the Frank Chickens and “the internet” decided to all vote for them? The stunt is up for a Malcolm Hardee award.

John Fleming at What’s On Stage, has made the nomination. “The Malcolm Hardee Cunning Stunt Award” is in memory of Hardee, the legendary comic who loved the spirit of the Fringe. Fleming has made the nomination (which we thoroughly agree" with) “for publicising a non-existent show not playing the Edinburgh Fringe. I feel Malcolm would have approved both of Stewart’s original complaint and the nomination.”

Lee has also talked a bit more about why the Frank Chickens, and why his drunken email reply actually makes sense at Chortle:

…I chose at random Frank Chicken, the Japanese female performance art duo, as an example of possibly worthy winners who would not get a look-in under this illogical and unfair voting system, and the Twitter world has adopted them as a cause.

This was never my intention, and I was drunk when I sent the e-mail in a fit of annoyance anyway, but they are now leading the field, and it appears we should embrace them.  If Frank Chickens become Comedy Gods then Foster’s will have been helped to actually sponsor some actual art, and fans of Foster’s all over the whole world will be made aware of that wonderful, indefinable, mischievous, playful thing we call the Spirit Of The Fringe!

We’ll be at the awards ceremony and bring you more on this decidedly British prank, and more fun and games at the Fringe throughout August.

John Fleming’s nomination is here. The Frank Chickens are still leading the poll, and if you want to vote for them (or anyone else) head here.

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