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If you like the look of classic ’80s styling such as The Breakfast Club, New Romantics and Spinal Tap you will love Ireland’s Dead Cat Bounce.

* * * * * (5 Stars)

Lead-singer James Walmsley looks like a tall, young, sexy Mick Jagger; Mick Cullinan on keyboards is Dylan Moran crossed with a puppy. Bassist Shane O’Brien would not look out of place in any glam band and Demian Fox, the drummer, is indescribable. Their songs and banter between songs paint vivid pictures and are delivered fantastically dead-pan.

At this show you have the unique opportunity to learn the dance craze sweeping the world, including Belgium – The Kick. Listen to the song, watch the demonstration, have a go. Other songs include one inspired by a dream, and one designed solely to massage Walmsley’s ego.

The music is well-rehearsed and all four band members are vocally strong and talented. Dramatic lighting, impressive dance moves, audience participation and guest instrument the kazoo can only enhance the already awesome show. The songs are fast, fun and camply dramatic.


* * * * * (5 Stars)

Dead Cat Bounce, Too Fast for Love
Gilded Balloon

Click here for more information and to book tickets online.

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