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Summoned by bugle and mad, shouting man, you enter The Ark, and set sail for comedy.

* * * * (4 stars)

The Ark is the most unusual of the venues at Pleasance Courtyard this year. The mad, shouting man turns out to be Tim Fitzhigham, Gentleman Adventurer.

He welcomes us aboard the ship as his crew, and on this occasion plays live the tracks we should have been listening to on CD had the CD player not blown up in the previous day’s torrential rain. Self-described as "a man who looks like a homeless version of Gonzo from the Muppets", he is an affable character and eccentric to the extreme.

Relating well to the audience, he amazes, baffles and entertains as he regales us with tales of heroic, if certifiable, adventures.

His manic delivery sometimes falls short of the mark, but there are more hits than misses and the hits are pure genius. This show is a round-up of the last few years of his life, including some incidents which have been covered in his previous shows.

However,  he says he tells them slightly differently this time and the two audience members who had seen him before seemed to enjoy the tales as much second time around.

The show is eccentric, just like Fitzhigham himself and is effortless fun for everyone.

* * * * (4 stars)

Tim Fitzhigham, Gentleman Adventure
Pleasance Ark

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