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Now that’s what I call a birthday present!

Hats off to designer Entresuelo 1a an the Taca Cookie Mug, Ever worried that you never get a good first dunk with your tea and biscuit? Always worried about the delicate snapping in half to get the tiffin’ snack into the cup?

Then worry no more, because this mug has a specially extended handle which allows a biscuit to be dunked almost in its entirety.

This design adds an ingenious touch to a mug with a rim shaped in such a way that you can dunk in the whole cookie, sideways. Now only if you can master the art of putting the cookie fast enough into your mouth….before the soggy end falls off!

We’re still trying to work out the size of a regular American cookie and how this compares to the British Digestive, but from what we can see, this might be a curiosity in the New World, but we here at Dust Towers are ready to put in an order right now.

Hat tip to Josh Spear, more at Yanko Design.

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