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I wonder if the Perrier Comedy Awards will turn up to award them their “Comedy God” trophy?

To recap, the Edinburgh Comedy Awards got a new sponsor (Fosters) and decided to hold a “best act of the last thirty years” poll to get some quick publicity and historical street cred for the Australian larger. Like most polls, you’d expect a recently on the TV celeb to win.

Think Michael Macintrye, Tim Minchin or Russell Howard.

But Stewart Lee wasn’t happy, and emailed everyone to tell them it was a farcial and selfish idea, asking how anyone would really know how good Frank Chicken were since they don’t appear on mainstream factories like Mock The Week.. or something along those emotional lines.

And the internet did what it does best. They all voted for Frank Chicken in the online poll.

….I chose at random Frank Chicken, the Japanese female performance art duo, as an example of possibly worthy winners who would not get a look-in under this illogical and unfair voting system, and the Twitter world has adopted them as a cause.

The Japanese band is now currently sitting confidently on top of the results table, with just over a week to go. Just behind them in the standings?

Michael Macintrye, Tim Minchin and Russell Howard.

Now Stewart Lee is smart, so his book launch at the Fringe, already trailed as having some surprise guests, will see the reformed 17 strong Frank Chicken band make their way over to Japan to appear again in Edinburgh, some 26 years after their first success.

Here’s the question – how much of a sense of humour do the Comedy Awards and Fosters have? Played right, this could actually give them the cred (and column inches) they desire. Because the whole world is rooting for the underdogs from Japan!

Over to Awards organiser Nica Burns!

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