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Delicate composition, soaring lyrics, the wit of Noel Coward and the chutzpah of Lily Allen.

* * * * * (5 stars)

Would the darlings of last year’s Fringe be able to catch lightning in a bottle twice? Oh yes they could… and then some!

You have to hand it to Frisky and Mannish – the pressure was on after “School of Pop” was the quintessential first time at the Fringe that went better than expected in 2009. Not only have they matched the musical high points one year later, but “The College Years” shows a maturity in writing and performance, not just in the individual songs but in the show as a whole.

It now feel s even more cohesive — bringing the comedy potential of the mis-matched mash-up (or “”One Song to the Tune of Another” as Radio 4 fans will chuckle under their breath) to the audience. There’s a perverse delight in their faces as they start on another son. They know what’s coming up next, and as the realisation hits the audience, the laughter starts.

And it never lets up for the entire hour.

Noel Coward and Lily Allen together on stage? Not a problem, that’s just another rich comic vein to be expertly mined. Problems with grammar in the latest chart hit? Count on it. Wondering where Florence and the Machine suddenly appeared from? It won’t be long till you find out.

If you missed them in 2009, shame on you. If you miss them in 2010, then hand back your “Now That’s What I Call Music” collection.

* * * * * (5 stars)

Frisky and Mannish
The College Years

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