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Do you want Starbucks, or the incredible x40 strength Black Blood of the Earth coffee?

Posted by on Aug 24, 2010 in Life & Style | 0 comments

Forget Starbucks 87,000 possible combinations of ingredients (thanks for that bit of trivia Neatorama!), I’m up for trying some “Black Blood of the Earth” (BBotE).

Writer Warren Ellis has just picked up a very small batch of the homebrew coffee and is impressed.

I slung the glass back in the hope that it’d at least keep me going until I could get a Red Bull in London — which could have taken anything up to two hours. Four hours later, I realised I hadn’t had or wanted a Red Bull.

That in itself is both magical and disturbing, given how much caffeine my system needs to tick over. I’m fairly sure that more intensive doses could activate previously dormant areas of my brain, possibly giving me special mental powers.

Produced by Funranium Labs, BBotE has a short run, around 12 litres a week if the production is cranked up. It takes time, but the coffee is potent, with none of the acidity and bitterness that mass-produced coffee is known for.

By my calculations, I produced the equivalent of 145 cups of conventional coffee’s worth of caffiene in 5.7 cups of volume. I was terrified by the idea of passing Batch 3 through this entire process two more times to achieve the coffee that my acquaintance had in Japan.

If you’re up for ordering the coffee where one cup contains as much caffiene as a gallon of regular filter coffee, it’s $55 (plus shipping) for a litre.

More at Funranium Labs Black Blood of the Earth page.

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