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Fan run project to recreate the classic first Star Wars film takes blue ribband American entertainment award.

Congratulations to Casey Pugh and the team behind Star Wars Uncut. The project he started previously was simple. To ask people who loved the first Star Wars film to recreate a fifteen second scene from the film. By taking those, and editing them together, the fans around the world have recreated the classic film in the way that only fans can.

Five months ago, it as strongly suggested he enter the project into the Emmys – the US based Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. This week, he and the team walked away with the gold statue for Creative Arts in Interactive Fiction.

The film itself is finished, but there’s a specific legal process it has to go through with Lucasfilm. Once that’s over it should be cleared to be screened (likely as a not for profit) fan film.

We can’t wait, but for now, just a small clip…

Hat tip to WSJ and GigaOM.

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