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Regeneration can go on forever, especially with an extended Howell arrangement.

Remember the super slow version of Justin Bieber we found last week? Looks like someone’s topped that.

The fans that felt the last few minutes of David Tennant’s went on a little bit too long should look away now, as some enterprising Whovian has extended those last moments of video, and coupled it with a specially stretched version of the theme tune.

Using the Peter Howell arrangement, we’ve went from 80s disco sound to the haunting death of Ten.

Hat tip to Blogtor Who.


  1. Not bad. At least he didn’t throw in “Who wants to live forever” by Queen. :)

  2. The music used is the original Delia Derbyshire arrangement slowed~sown but there are bits of the Howell version in there too.

    Thanks for linking.

    Cameron K McEwan
    Blogtor Who

  3. Cameron, not a probelm, short of lots of trickery I just went with the Howell mention in your post – still it could have been worse (Keff) ;-)

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