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Edinburgh Comedy God award renamed the Fosters Funny Four, possibly to save face with the sponsor.

Remember all the fun that the Edinburgh Fringe watchers have been having with the voting for the “Comedy God” of the last thirty years – a new publicly voted award to associate a big name with the awards in their first year of sponsorship from Fosters?

The key phrase there is publicly voted – once Stewart Lee decried the contest and inadvertently anointed Frank Chicken, the internet’s sense of humour did the rest. The Anglo-Japanese dance act soared into the lead of the poll, and never looked back.

With no announcement at the main Comedy Awards ceremony on Saturday (when all the press were gathered), the idea that Frank could do it grew stronger. As Sunday progressed with no news, that noise grew.

Finally confirmation arrived late in the day via a press release that magnified the Top 4 into “Fosters Funny Four” and hoped nobody noticed the change of focus.

So Fosters get their TV comedian name to be associated with (as we predicted, Tim Minchin, Michael MacIntyre and Russell Howard), the internet has their pound of chicken flesh, and whoever is doing the PR for the awards next year needs to avoid this kind of mess.

The winner? Stewart Lee.

His mention of Frank Chicken and subsequent promotion of an act that wasn’t scheduled to appear at Edinburgh was enough to hand him the Malcolm Hardee Cunning Stunt Award for 2010.

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