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Brazilian Roberto Carlos’s 1997 free-kick against France was referred to as “the goal that defied physics”.  The ball curved so sharply that it left goalkeeper Fabian Barthez standing still.

Now, a French team of scientists have discovered the trajectory of the goal and developed an equation to describe it.

They say it could be repeated if a ball was kicked hard enough, with the appropriate spin and, crucially, the kick was taken sufficiently far from goal.

“We have shown that the path of a sphere when it spins is a spiral,” lead researcher Christophe Clanet from the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris told BBC News.

And there we have it, it’s all in the spiral..Watch the wonder goal below.

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  1. That’s interested. I heard at the last FIFA world cup that the ball design was such that all kinds of weird trajectories were being traced out by the ball. Almost like hard kicks became knuckle balls.

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