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Fourth record breaking Hugo award presented to Britain’s beloved time traveller.

The Hugo Awards are noted as the blue ribband award in the science fiction community, and are given out each year for work in science fiction and fantasy. For the last few years, one man has ruled the roost. Doctor Who writer Stephen Moffat. But now the show-runner he replaced finally has something to put on his mantle-piece.

Russell T Davis finally has won a Hugo.

Okay it’s split with co-writer Phil Ford and Director Graham Harper, but in his last few episodes of Doctor Who before handing over to Stephen Moffat, he gets the nod from his peers.

The Waters of Mars beat out the season closer of Dollhouse, Epitaph 1, the pilot episode of Flash Forward, No More Good Days, and two other Doctor Who episodes, The Next Doctor and Planet of the Dead.

Since the Hugos split Best Dramatic Presentation into short (TV) and long form (movie) in 2003, Doctor Who has taken four of the eight possible awards – no mean feat given its only been eligible to win for five of those years, that’s a .800 batting average for the Time Lord.

Place your bets now on “The Eleventh Hour” making the final next year…

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