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London skyline at sunset a timely reminder of the power of the camera phone.

While there are people that go out with the expensive equipment to capture the landscapes, cityscapes, the natural world and the scars of humanity on the Earth, the last few years have seen an explosion in fantastic picture from around the world.

And it’s the mobile phone that’s the reason. Because the most important camera is the one that you have in your pocket at the moment in time.

I was reminded about this yet again while checking in on my Facebook stream, with Gemma Goggins’ picture of an almost perfect line-up of the Sun, the Thames and one of the bridges over the great waterway.

Long ago it would be a case of “ooh that’s nice”, now it’s “ooh that’s nice, let’s show everyone.” And that’s all own to the mobile phone handing everyone a camera in their pocket.

Have you got a favourite impromptu snap?

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