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Billy the Yorkshire Terrier has laid claim to the title of world’s oldest dog despite being as playful as a pup.

Blind in one eye from a cataract and now missing most of his teeth, Billy still manages two walks each day and enjoys playing with his owner at the ripe old age of 22.

Betty Holdsworth, 71, adopted Billy from an RSPCA branch in Halifax in June, but did not realise at first just how old he was.

Alex Darwell, from the RSPCA, said that at the time he was brought in the previous owner had told them Billy was 21, which the vet confirmed.

Mr Darwell said:

He has more energy than a lot of younger dogs which come in to see us, he’s brilliant.

Guinness World Records shows the title of world’s oldest dog belongs to a 21-year-old kelpie cross from Melbourne, Australia.

The kelpie does not turn 22 until December, and Billy has now laid claim to the title.

Hat tip to the Yorkshire Post.  Image via Wikipedia.

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  1. if that dog is 22 I must be 600! at the most the dog is around 10/12, I have a yorkie who is 17 and two months, he is almost bald, two teeth, 50% hearing, struggles to walk because he is so stiff, has anal cancer, is on pills for his liver and heart, even the vet says she doesn’t know how he is alive, he was born in this house as we owned his parents, no guessing at how old he is, we know, and the dog in the pic is no way 22! sorry.

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