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Congrats to Who Fix for a delightful giggle this weekend with their post entitled “Ian Levine’s DVD Collection” proudly showing a complete collection of Patrick Troughton episodes of Doctor Who.

Of course as any fan of culture knows, most of the TV episodes of Troughton’s era as the Time Lord were wiped in the early seventies so the BBC could re-use the tape. Only when the eighties and the era of Video and Satellite TV began that the commercial value was realised of these tapes.

Now they’re some of the holy grails of UK culture, and the rumours of super-fans (like Levine) having their own private copies have been pretty much debunks.

But it’s still a fun picture. Thanks Whofix.


  1. This was a very clever joke, I agree. Another Doctor Who fan pointed out that the spine of the Faceless Ones was blank and even the fictional selection of DVDs does not include the coveted Web of Fear. So… a nesting doll of a joke.

  2. This may not be the joke you think it is as all the episodes have been reconstructed by Loose Canon bar Web Of Fear and Wheel In Space, i think Joint Venture was the last to reconstruct these two. Clever fan based artwork exist for all missing (and not so missing) episodes. As technology advances the telesnap reconstructions may soon be animated to an even higher standard.

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