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Steven Moffat gets shot down by his own son for opening episode’s title.

Writers have to take a lot of rejection in their work, but there is none so critical (or hurting) than your own family. The same is true for writers here at T’Dust as it is for head Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat.

On telling his son the title of “episode 1” for next year’s run of the show, the answer was scathing, accurate, and likely true, as he tweeted out:

Told my son the title of ep 1 of the next run of Dr Who. A pause. "I think we can do better, Daddy." Then: "We need clever. Not cheesy."

Armytedd” is no stranger to getting into the grit of Doctor Who, with his YouTube videos being an undiscovered highlight of last year’s adventures with Matt Smith.

You keep your Dad right!

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