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Paul McGann takes to the stage with his vision of the Eighth Doctor’s latest fashion.

He might have had just one night on our TV screens, but the continuing adventures of Paul McGann as Doctor Who in novels and audio adventures captivate the dedicated Doctor Who fan. But one thing has always been out of place – the rather foppish costume he wore in 1996.

Not McGann has taken things into his own hands and dumped the cravat and tails for the costume that he always wanted to wear – a naval inspired leather coat, man-bag and Victorian Steampunk sonic screwdriver.

He’s quoted as saying it’s all unofficial, all his own idea, and just a bit of fun. But yes he’ll go back to the audio book producers (Big Finish) and see if they want some more pictures for the album covers.

And it’s sure to be noted in the BBC that hes now got a rather modern TV-Friendly outfit as the planning for the 50th Anniversary episode starts to loom over the horizon. If Peter Davidson can make a come back, will we finally get to see the second adventure on our screens for McGann?

Who knows…

Hat tip to Doctor Who News.

And as an aside, how could we not point out Hecklerspray’s list of Top Sexy Doctor Who Companions, although we do wonder why Zoe is down twice…


  1. I really hope that this does signal McGann’s return to the screens as the Doctor. Otherwise it’s a very strange thing to do. While the 1996 TV Movie was dire, McGann himself was quite good and had the makings of a superb incarnation of the Doctor.

  2. Not to mention, he’s been absolutely brilliant in the audio dramas. Seriously, if you haven’t heard them, go download them now.

  3. Paul McGann was great as the Doctor, but his version of the costume is as unacceptable as Christopher Eccleston’s. That is NOT something the Doctor would wear. While I would very much like to see Paul play the Doctor again on screen, I could not endorse it if he wore that outfit. I would rather it not happen at all than see the 8th Doctor ruined by something like that.

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