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We need our leaders to get into international sports, just like Iran.

In the olden days, when there was a problem between countries, a was usually sorted it out. Given that the leaders of the countries usuallly fought on the front lines, this happened les often than you might think – leaders usually like to stay in power rather than be buried six foot under.

We’ve lost that little touch of diplomacy in recent times, but I think some people are trying to bring it back, as Mahoud Ahmadinejad and Evo Morales squared up to each other at an Iran v Boliva football match last week (reports the BBC).

With the 2012 Olympics coming up, Boris Johnson can do more than wave the flag. Shall we let him loose with a Javelin? And if Nick Clegg is a demon footballer, that might explain the coalition with David Cameron and the 2014 World Cup.

Which sports do you think need to have their leaders at the front with the Captain’s armband?

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