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Would the BBC’s musical maestro really be a good idea for Eurovision?

I certainly think so, and it’s an argument I’ve made over the Eurovision discussion website But not as the singer who takes to the stage in melodic combat with the germans next May, but as the Guru/mentor in the background.

It even takes care of how to run the National Final! There’s bound to be sixteen good bands and singers out there that want to have a crack at Eurovision. The worrying point has always been how respectable it makes them look. Well if you take four a week into the “Later… With” studio, have them perform their song and chat to Jools afterwards, throw in a visiting Eurovision star (a Niamh Kavanagh and Jools Holland guest spot anyone?) and a simple “Vote now by SMS” caption at the end of each show and you have your four heats and a final, a winning song, a wonderful affirming National Final, and a way to send all the right signals about how serious the BBC are taking the 2011 contest.

More thoughts at ESC Insight.

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