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Forget the iceberg, the rest of the gaming water is lovely!

Brian Baglow takes a look at the Scottish gaming scene in 2010, and while there is one big massive Titanic moment in the middle of the year, he reckons it’s been not bad when you look at the whole thing.

Yes the country lost Real Time Worlds and Denki had some pretty hairy moments, but all is not lost:

…Outside the console sector, the game development sector in Scotland is positively thriving.

This can be hard to grasp if you’re used to the notion of the games industry as large studios building games for the mainstream consoles (Xbox, PS3, Wii, DS and PSP). Yet despite the ongoing success of the console market, these devices are no longer the cutting edge of the games world. Or even the most popular way to play games.

We probably need to qualify that before moving on. Consoles (and high end PCs) are going to be a very significant part of the games market for many years to come. But they are no longer the only way to play games.

More on Baglow’s thoughts at Scottish Games.

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