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Bring Me the Horizon + Parkway Drive + Architects + The Devil Wears Prada @ Birmingham Academy, 28-04-11

Kicking things off on this night of scene metal brutality were American six-piece The Devil Wears Prada, who were last over here towards the end of 2009 supporting Enter Shikari. TDWP did what they always do on stage; flew through their set with pace, power and heavy riffing. With a setlist taken mainly from last year’s excellent Zombie EP they went down a storm and showed they can draw in a crowd even in bigger venues, which should serve them well when they take to the main stage at Download this summer.

bmth tour 01
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Second up, Brits Architects. While their set was solid enough and was lapped up by the sizeable crowd, Architects did seem a little flat coming straight after the endless energy of TDWP and they didn’t quite have the same spark as when they played a headline show in the smaller room last October. Still, they are a great band and should continue to grow. Also, it’s worth giving their drummer Dan a special mention here; due to the headliners’ drummer breaking his arm while on tour, Dan has been drafted into the Bring Me the Horizon lineup, meaning he has tripled his time on stage each night and has an hour of new songs to learn. But that didn’t stop him ripping through Architects’ set – good man!

bmth tour 08
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Next up were Aussie fivepiece Parkway Drive, who seemingly won the crowd over just by taking the stage. Here was another band blending brutality and energy in equal measures to great effect. Band members flew from stage left to stage right, fans flew from the crowd into the photo pit and the temperature soared to sweltering. these guys are also back in the summer for the festival season and on tonight’s evidence they will be well worth a watch.

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And so onto Bring Me the Horizon, the most metal thing out of Sheffield since Def Leppard. Actually, there is a great argument going on in the heavy music world as to whether BMTH are actually metal or not. This is an argument that is not for this review, but watching BMTH play live a couple of things become blindingly obvious; they certainly are heavy, they are technically gifted musicians and they know how to put on an almightily good show. Oh, and Dan from Architects pulled a blinder – if you didn’t know he wasn’t their regular sticksman you probably would have struggled to guess watching him play. Who cares whether they’re metal or not – if you like heavy British music played by a band who will have you hooked from the moment they take the stage then BMTH is for you!

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Photos: Dave Musson Photography

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