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The wedding of the year has been and gone, time to put the buntings and British flags away…bringing out the British in us felt rather natural and the good news is that it does not have to stop here – it’s with great excitement that we agreed to put to the test Storm Tea…after all drinking tea is a very British thing to do!

Storm Tea

So will it be the big bang or leave us with a dusty after taste…One of our reporters took the box home last week and give it a good tasting!


15 silk pyramids of organic english tea neatly packed in a clear box – the clever use of silk reveals the tea in its “raw” texture and releases the tea fragrance far better than the usual paper fiber.

I brewed one tea bag for a whole tea pot (average 3 cups) and the brewing time required was remarkably short.  I would normally add 2 tea bags with regular brands to achieve the same strength.

Tea Bag - Storm Tea

The initial fragrance was an early indication that this tea would be flavoursome and it certainly matched all expectations. are ticking all the boxes  and we are giving it an official 9 Dusts out of 10.  This brew beats anything we’ve had the pleasure to drink and it doesn’t require half a cup of milk and three sugars! have updates on both  facebook and twitter.

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