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* * * (3 stars)

A swashbuckling tale of pirates, dinosaurs, time vortices, biology and belief in fairy stories.

This unique approach to children’s theatre begins with the provision of pencils to complete the puzzles in the programme, which also contains relevant amazing facts, to entertain and amuse children (and their grown-ups!) while the audience settle and wait for the show to begin.

Written to allow maximum audience participation (although at times this can make the plot feel a little stretched and tedious – it is a long show) with children being invited to help out frequently. However, not all children managed to get a turn of going on stage while others were chosen repeatedly. For the most part though the interaction was very good with the children keen to do battle with pirates and dinosaurs.

The costumes were excellent, and the small cast worked very hard to portray a large number of characters. I asked my nine year-old daughter during the interval how many actors she thought there were. She counted six (only identifying two characters played by one actor, and not counting the various dinosaurs at all) and was very surprised to hear that there were only three actors sharing so many roles.

Overall this is a fantastic adventure for the kids, but adults may find it a little long-winded at times.

Eilidh (aged 9) said: “A funny story that mixes old and new tales. It’s a perfect family show, and kids are on stage throughout!”

Mairi (aged 7) says: “It was funny when we threw dino poo. The baby dinosaurs are cute.

* * * (3 stars)

Peter Pan on Dinosaur Island
Spotlites at The Merchants’ Hall

Click here for more information and to buy tickets.

One final though, merchandise (flashing pirate swords and other sparkly things) are on sale while you are queuing and as you go into the venue. Also, there is an interval with ice cream and other refreshments on sale. If you intend to give in to your child’s pleading, make sure you’ve brought cash!

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